5 simple but effective tips to improve concentration on the study.

Schoopicker V  14-Aug-2018

5 simple but effective tips to improve concentration on the study.

In today’s modern world, there are many sources of distraction like the Internet, T.V., Media, Telephones and Mobile devices are easily available and can cause a huge impression on concentration while studying. As some researches show concentrating on the study is more difficult nowadays. Some students cannot concentrate on the study due to these easily accessible disturbance sources. Here are 5 simple effective tips to enhance concentration and focus more on the study:

  1. Make clear goals and avoid distraction: It\'s very important to make your goals very clear and focus on them rather than wasting your precious time on other matters. There are numerous tempting but harmful sources of distraction are easily available even for primary standard students. Everyone should understand the necessity of time and set a goal.
  1. Take breaks while studying: Taking small breaks can improve your productivity exponentially. Take small breaks while studying. For example, if you are studying for 2 hours, take 5 minutes to break after every 30 minutes. It\'ll help you in enhancing your concentration and focus on study. Walk in the open air, solve some riddles, drink some water or whatever suits you better.
  1. Do one task at one time: Focusing on many tasks at one time is a bad choice because it\'s very difficult to focus on different tasks at a given time. While performing many tasks at one time, will definitely hamper your concentration and you will be feeling difficulties in completing so many tasks at one time. Do one task at a time and command your mind to focus on one task till completing and take another task after the completion. It will help you not only on focus on a single task, but you will see the better results as well.
  1. Avoid stress: There could be many problems in your life and the problems could cause stress. Stress is a major reason that can ruin everything and can cause huge distractions. You cannot concentrate if your mind is stressful. Forget about tension or problem or stress, while studying and get better results. If you feel stressed every time, discuss with your parents, friends or whomever you want to discuss and try to resolve the problem immediately. If you want to concentrate more on your study, you have to avoid stress and causes of stress.
  2. Eat good food: Eating a healthy food not only improves concentration but the quality of life as well. Eat food that is healthier and nutritious. Your food should be natural, healthier and should supply you a good amount of energy. Your brain requires energy and that can be obtained from good food. Try not to eat too heavy and here heavy means too much of food because that can cause trouble for you and distract you from concentration on the study. Heavy food makes you dozy and lethargic. Healthy food gives you an ample amount of energy and helps you in concentrating on the study. Some people say, "Eat healthy live happy".
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Ravi Kumar

Thanks, can we add some more techniques on achieving it. Especially during the long hours, effective focus is a problem.

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Anjani Kumari

I am not affected easily since focussing on yoga and meditation. Yes, the above techniques work but a peaceful mind is the best to start.

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Santosh Y

Effective list. added to my bookmarks.

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