Competition Means New Stress for Today’s Students

Schoopicker A  17-Oct-2018

Competition Means New Stress for Today’s Students.

Stress is one of the most common problems that is lined by the majority of Students.  The word "Stress" is a drive from the Latin word "Strictus" which is mean that squeeze.  we can easily to understand by the feelings of squeezing and reduction of muscles as reported by many students under stress. In the real-world scenario competition, examinations, assignments deadlines, returning to study, difficulty in organizing daily work, poor time management, leaving assignments to the last minute, out of control debts.

Competition Means New Stress for Today’s Teens.

How Can You Overcome Exam Stress?

    1. Make a timetable Management: Unplanned time management is one of the main reasons why the students seem annoyed before their exams. Some of the students work very hard but they fail to succeed by not catching the proper direction(path). Therefore, if you make a daily timetable. You can a lot of certain time period every day for all and every subject. Therefore, you can assign the same importance to all your subjects.
    2. Have a reliable sleep: You always require to have a very reliable sleep at night in order to focus further on your education. The students require to sleep for around 6-8 hours and eat healthy food to reduce stress. If you sleep for 8 hours a day, you can relax your tense nerves. Having a lot of green vegetables can also reduce you a lot from stress. Some of the stress softening foods are as follows:
      1. Chocolate: Dark chocolate in balanced amounts cab reduce stress by heaving your serotonin hormone level.
      2. Bananas: rich in potassium crystal and therefore helps in decreasing blood pressure and decreasing stress.
    3. Do not try to memorize all: Learning is a really productive and effective process, so do not try to learn only by memorizing points. Better you try to explain the subjects and points by particular reading. This can help you a lot from the stress of memorizing long questions.
    4. Set your aims: You always need to set your goals and priorities while preparing for your exams. This includes a definite planning of the various subjects and topics and when to complete them.
    5. Practice uniform breaks: Too much of studying for long hours can give you a lot of stress. Therefore, you perpetually need constant and moderate breaks in-between your readings. This can refresh your mind and reduce your stress.
    6. Address more stress on the subjects you are weak: You always need to know your powers and weaknesses in your educational life. Therefore, you require to give more importance to the questions or topics in which yourself are weaker.

So, you can deal with exam stress. Such problems are very severe. These issues can also lead to unfavorable results in the lives of the students if these are not deal with properly. We regularly need the help and assistance from our family to overcome these issues and in this blog.


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