What ultimately matters? - Your handy school guide

Schoopicker R  23-Aug-2018

What ultimately matters? - Your handy school guide

Selecting a good school that fits every criterion has been one of the most daunting tasks for parents; since time. Numerous evaluation factors to begin - Best in class Amenities, Affordability, Security, Reputed Alumnus, Accessibility, Student Ratio etc. The list keeps going on. The elements and the order of preferences vary across individuals.

Selecting schools in my watchlist?

Reach to schools in earmarked metropolitan cities has surely cut down in a matter of clicks in past few years, due thanks to ever expanding web. The problem of selection still persists in parts with limited outreach. Parents still struggle to get reviews and opinions about facilities, security and other trivial things for their preferred choice.

Drawing a line between good to have versus mandatory lookouts

Deciding and selecting among many choices, parents should keep a sanity on essential features in a school, that could help their child grow with a global par. Running a rat race is no longer a viable option. It is highly important as a parent to look for cognitive and intellectual development of their child instead of planning just another good grade.

A list of must checks before making the call


One of the most crucial factor to ascertain a child’s growth is to look around surroundings under which the school premises operates. Healthy environment contributes significantly to the overall physical and mental development. A school located around chaotic locations like factories, roads, markets etc. would lead to sustained difficulties among children. Broad range includes pollution exposure, concentration loss, and eventually depreciated understanding levels. The school premises should preferably locate in areas designated for educational activities. The external conditions play an influential role in fostering a child\'s overall development. The choice of selection should answer whether the school environment conducive to learning and creativity?


Teachers are the fore face of the schools. Parents entrust their children to them with an expectation of continuance guidance, nurturing and development. Haven\'t we heard of cases where a teacher lacks a background of what they are preaching? Situations like this may look rare, but it is is not uncommon. Schools for less remuneration hire less qualified teachers. As a parent, it should be one of the core decision-makers in the school selection on how educated the faculty is?


A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, which in turn seeks a healthy surrounding. On an average, a student spends 6-8 hours in a school, approx 33% of their day. The school premises should conform to necessary sanity checks on security, access to essential facilities and safety standards. The expectations of facilities a school offers may vary across different individuals, but the threshold of the above factors should be met.

Extra Curricular Activities

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". Extracurricular activities are not just a good to have but indeed a necessity for the current competitive environment. It not only gives an option to rejuvenate but also provides an opportunity for the unique talent. Parents at many times seem to ignore the importance of Extra-Curricular activities in their selection criteria, but it surely deserves a spot.


Child\'s security remains a prime concern, especially for distant schools. The premises should be secured to avoid entry to unauthorized people. With advancement in modern infrastructure - CCTV Cameras, Turnstiles and access cards, schools are leaping forward from conventional human security systems. Also, the attendance management systems are deployed by schools for parents to monitor their children.

Counselling Services

Many schools have specialised counselling services to encounter increasing competition pressure and expectation burden among children. The facilities may come useful when the unusual behaviour (deviation from the normal) occurs among children. They can primarily help parents to identify the cause and how to deal with it.

Philosophy and Beliefs

An interesting factor to look while selecting the school is core ideology and beliefs. Usually, the functions embody the essential philosophy across all panes and it, therefore, it is something a parent should be well aware of.

Progress Records

The last but not the least is how the school results have been in the past few years. A good track record does not prepare overnight, and the school takes a diligent effort to persist in it. Not to overlook is just the educational performance but extracurricular participation also. The school acts as a perfect launchpad for the overall student development.

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Dharmesh Shrivastava

Thank you for handpicking the checklist. This comes essentially when I am looking for my daughter's admission. I have now increased the list based on addons. Keep it up.

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Vignesh Tyagi

Could add more specifics. Like travel modes (Bus, Cabs) and Canteens (Food Quality). Rest seems ok.

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Rahul Kamra

Nicely jotted and explained. Thank you

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Mansi Vats

I liked the counseling services part ! These days people usually focus really less on Counseling services, but it is a very crucial element to keep in mind while picking a school for your kid.

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